Educating and Reshaping The Electorate

Hearts & Minds PAC does not support an individual candidate. Our sole purpose is to EDUCATE non-GOP aligned voters and win Hearts & Minds by promoting conservatism. 

We are engaged in a long-term outreach effort to reshape the electorate - ONE VOTER AT A TIME

We receive donations from Conservatives all over America, but most contributors are GOP voters in Blue States.   Here’s feedback we received from John M, a registered Republican in California...

“I am a conservative. I am deeply frustrated knowing my vote is essentially wasted because Democrats outnumber Republicans 60/40 in CA. Like the RNC, I will not invest in California GOP campaigns because I know it’s “money down the drain.” The voter-registration deck is stacked against CA Republicans so why donate money to a candidate who has no chance? Personally I’ve never donated to a California GOP campaign, but I am eager and happy to donate money to The Hearts & Minds PAC. If my donation helps win ONE Heart - ONE Mind I have contributed to a worthy cause.”

Donate now, and join the effort to win Hearts & Minds by promoting Conservatism one voter at a time.

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Hearts and Minds PAC

Hearts and Minds PAC